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  • Build a Foundation for Growth Before You Look for Capital

    For entrepreneurs, capital, or the lack there of, is something that consistently keeps them awake at night. Unfortunately, just because an organization has built what they believe to be a better mouse trap, does not necessarily mean that the offers of new capital will come flooding in. How you approach raising capital is almost as …

  • Watching and Observing: A Leadership Methodology

    There is an old southern adage that asserts ‘if you want to keep getting what you are getting, then keep doing what you are doing’. Beginning this article with this particular adage was a test… Ask yourself, did you spend the first several seconds critiquing the statement phrasing or did you begin to consider the …

  • The Case for Emotional Intelligence

    A few years ago I worked on a series of articles regarding leadership. Although many things have been written on this subject, there is rarely a shortage of perspectives from which one can consider this seminal aspect of the concept of organizational leadership. So often there is a desire to lead, however, I would submit …


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