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Shawn Powell Joseph

Professional CFO, Executive Wingman

Shawn Powell Joseph

Shawn Powell Joseph is a senior-level consultant, professional CFO and executive wingman with over 30 years of diverse industry experience. Experienced in strategic planning, financial planning, compliance and analysis, and auditing she has the tools to help companies thrive. She is able to leverage the skills into the planning, implementation, and management of creative business and financial solutions. Her professional practice is hallmarked by thoroughness, ingenuity and a collaborative spirit.

In addition to her vast experience and honed business acumen, Shawn employs a transformational leadership style to align herself with colleagues, staff and clients alike. Her personality is hallmarked by a genuine sense of trustworthiness, sincerity and a bold determination to maximize a client’s potential. She is committed to working collaboratively to look beyond the numbers and explore the broader implications. Shawn is adept at communicating ideas and team building; working to facilitate holistic change. Shawn actively works to promote corporate/community partnerships to leave lasting, beneficial relationships to endure long after she has gone.

Shawn is a doctoral scholar with a keen commitment to continuing education and professional development. Having earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and an MBA in Global Management, her goal is to provide innovative, bespoke solutions to every client and organization that she serves. Her commitment to continuing development is only paralleled by her desire to help businesses succeed. 



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