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Business Valuation Calculations

Quality is the best business plan

John Lasseter

The development of a successful business strategy starts with knowing where you are. Concentric Global believes that owners need to know the value of their business in order to make an informed business plan. A business valuation is one of the best ways to garner insight into the economic value of your business.

What is a Business Valuation?

A business valuation is a calculation that provides an estimate of the economic value of a business. The calculation explores:

  • Fair market value
  • Investment value
  • Intrinsic value

The business valuation evaluates the current economic market, the company’s financial statements and reviews the assets associated with the company.

If you’re happy to proceed, you can start your valuation today by visiting us here. If you’d like to further discuss having a business valuation conducted or whether this is the best option for you, we are happy to set up an appoint. Please visit our Contact page to schedule an appointment.


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